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The Bethlehem Municipal Water Authority owns about 23000 acres of watershed property in Carbon and Monroe Counties. On this property nearly ten billion gallons of water are contained in two reservoirs that supply clean water to 115,000 people and 1315 businesses within the city of Bethlehem, two boroughs and seven townships. This is the only water supply the city has.

In Carbon County, if the PennEast/UGI pipeline follows the current plans, it will lay waste to three miles of wooded watershed property owned by the Water Authority, cross its distribution lines  and run adjacent to several of its water supply facilities. According to the Bethlehem Authority Chairman and the Mayor of Bethlehem: "The PennEast pipeline project, as currently planned, negatively impacts all of these water system facilities."

A report completed by Master Consulting PL in June 2015 recommends that the pipeline route be redesigned to completely avoid the watershed, reservoirs and transmission lines to minimize "the risk of a catastrophic event that could bring undue hardship to thousands of consumers."  

The report by Master Consulting PL and a cover letter from the Bethlehem Authority chairman and the Mayor of Bethlehem was sent to PennEast, FERC, DEP and government officials.To read the letter and report click this link: Master Report.

Even an article published on a fracking industry website notes the fact that: "The idyllic Carbon County acreage where Bethlehem gets its drinking water (has been) called one of the last great places on Earth by one conservancy group."  To read this article Click Here.

In March, 2015 the Bethlehem City Council passed a resolution opposed to the pipeline's proposed route through Water Authority property. To read the Morning Call article and see a photo, click this link  Morning Call.


On October 1, 2015 members of Save Carbon County met near the Bethlehem Water Authority watershed at the headwaters of Wild Creek to highlight the dangers to clean water posed by the PennEast/UGI pipeline. To read more about this action by Save Carbon County, click the link below:

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