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We believe this damaging pipeline would inflict major economic, community and environmental harm and would be a permanent, dangerous scar to all properties, natural and public lands, streams, wetlands and forests it touches. --- STOP PennEast Pipeline. 





Please write: Senator Cory Booker, Senator Bob MenendezCongressman Leonard LanceSenator Mike Doherty, Assemblymen Erik Peterson, and Assemblymen John DiMaio and ask them to comment to FERC on Docket #PF15-1-000 to request them to oppose the PennEast Pipeline. The proposed route would run through a third of NJ, most of that in Hunterdon County. The proposed route will devastate our natural resources, preserved farmland, income to farmers, and impact the Clean Water Act. The proposed route will damage our air quality, endanger families health and safety and stress our already small OEM's. This pipelines construction could endanger the water we drink and risk loosening arsenic into the wells we rely on. The pipelines construction would fracture our forests, endangering many of of rare and endangered species such as  our American Bald Eagles, Ospreys, Peregrine Falcons, Bobolinks, Bobcats, Northern Harrier Hawks, Northern Cooperheads and much more. 

Tell Senator Booker TODAY to support us in our fight against PennEast. Senator Bookers number is: 202-224-3224. Press #2 to speak with a person. Tell him we've been reaching out for two years now for his help and he's been silent. Our coalition is now a voting block of his base and we need him to stand with us now! CALL or WRITE now NOW!!!

Call or write your representatives now! And ask them to oppose the PennEast Pipeline!

Senator Cory Booker

Mail: One Gateway Center, 23rd Floor , Newark, NJ 07102
Phone: (973) 639-8700
Twitter: @CoryBooker
Website: http://corybooker.com/


Senator Bob Menendez

Mail: One Gateway Center, Suite 1100, Newark, New Jersey 07102
Phone: (973)645.3030
Twitter: @SenatorMenendez
Website: http://www.menendez.senate.gov/


Congressman Leonard Lance

Mail: 361 Route 31 (Unit 1400) Flemington, NJ 08822
Phone: (908) 788-6900
Twitter: @RepLanceNJ7
Website: http://lance.house.gov/


State Senator Mike Doherty 

Mail: 127 Belvidere Avenue, Washington, NJ 07882
Phone: (908) 835-0552
Twitter: @mikedohertynj
Website: http://doherty.senatenj.com


Assemblyman Erik C. Peterson

Mail: 178 Center Street, Suite 2B, Clinton, New Jersey  08809
Phone: (908) 238-0251


Assemblyman John Dimaio

Mail: 245 Route 22 , Suite 208,Bridgewater, NJ 08807 
Phone: (908) 722-1365 

Comment on the Docket! 

Let the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), NJDEP and your legislators know about the devastating environmental impacts of the proposed PennEast Pipeline.

The purpose of the FERC process is to provide the public an opportunity to learn more about the Commission's environmental review process, and to verbally comment on the Project. The DEIS comment period has ended, but commenting will continue. Please continue to write and voice your concerns! Commenting to the NJDEP and legislators will also further help and oppose PennEast.

From FERC - this is what they want to hear from us:
Based on our preliminary review of the PennEast Project; information provided by PennEast; and the public comments filed in the Commissions's administrative record and submitted to staff at the applicant-sponsored open houses we have identified several issues that we think deserve attention. This preliminary list of issues may change based on your comments and our ongoing environmental analysis.

These issues are:

  • purpose and need for the project
  • impacts on forested areas including fragmentation
  • impacts on agricultural areas and soils
  • impacts on residential areas and use of eminent domain
  • impacts on recreational areas, including parks and nature preserves including Appalachian Trail, Sourland Conservancy, and other state managed and preserved lands.
  • impacts on preservation easements on private land or conservation easements and property values
  • impacts on surface water including Susquehanna, Delaware and Lehigh Rivers
  • impacts on ground water including wells and springs
  • impacts on wildlife and vegetation
  • impacts on federal and state-listed threatened, endangered and sensitive species
  • geologic hazards including karst and seismic areas
  • impacts on air quality
  • impacts related to noise during construction and operation
  • assessment of alternative pipeline routes and compressor station locations
  • cumulative impacts

For more information email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



The comment period is over for the DEIS, but comments are still accepted on the docket: 
Comments for the PennEast Pipeline (FERC Docket # CP15-558-000)

On Friday, July 22, 2016  the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) released a Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for the proposed PennEast pipeline.   

This DEIS is riddled with data gaps and incomplete information. How is it possible for FERC to determine that there are no environmental impacts with so much information missing. The DEIS should be withdrawn until PennEast has submitted all of the required data. 

The deadline to comment is September 12, but you can still act. There are a number of actions we can each take to show FERC our profound opposition to this dangerous, unneeded pipeline. We must make our voices heard during this important comment period.

Please Submit Comments to the PennEast Docket (#CP15-558-000):

Comment 1 -  Demand that FERC withdraw the DEIS because it is incomplete;

Comment 2 -  Demand that FERC to extend the public comment period until a complete DEIS is available for review; and

Comment 3 -  Comment many times, each time point out a specific problems in the DEIS, including assumptions, missing information, and issues that are either ignored or insufficiently addressed.     

Our goal is to submit as many substantial, fact-based comments as possible. Intervenors’ comments and landowners’ comments carry more weight, and FERC must respond to each relevant comment. 

Directions on how to post comments to the Docket and sample letters can be found at:

How to comment on and download the DEIS.

In your comments to FERC, it is important that you raise as many different points as possible. You should include detailed notes, specific data and unique stories about how you, your family, your community, and your property or business would be impacted by PennEast. 

The PennEast pipeline is not needed, not wanted, and would have unacceptable impacts on our land, water and communities. Thank you for joining with us and the many organizations working together to send a strong message to FERC. Together, let’s STOP PENNEAST!





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