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Dallas Township Supervisors of Luzerne County, Pennsylvania unanimously passed a resolution opposing the PennEast pipeline at their meeting on Monday, January 5, 2015.

A similar resolution is in the works to oppose the Williams Partner's Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline (ASP).

Dallas PA is being targeted as a Natural Gas Hub.

In addition to PennEast and Atlantic Sunrise, there are 2 other pipelines (not yet filed with FERC) headed for Dallas. 

These are the Marc-II (Crestwood) which would connect ASP in Sullivan County to PennEast in Dallas, and the Diamond East (Williams) which would run parallel to PennEast/Transco to New Jersey. 

Dallas is the target because of the location of the Transco.  There are currently 2 gathering lines connecting to Transco in Dallas:  The Williams gathering line and Regency Partners Gathering line (formerly Chief/PVR)
, with two metering stations.

The "hub" is located approximately 1,500 feet from the Dallas School Campus.  Approximately 3,000 students, teachers and staff are at the campus, in addition to numerous residential homes.


Monday, November 10, 2014 5:30PM-7:30PM
Coughlin High School
80 North Washington Street, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18701

For more information contact Gas Drilling Awareness Coalition:

Phone: (570) 213-4950
Website: http://www.gdacoalition.org
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GDACoalition/info

12 communities along the PennEast have passed a resolution opposing the PennEast pipeline. What about your community?


Even if you are not seeing any pipeline proposals for your area today, you should be educating themselves about pipelines and midstream facilities, because PIPELINES ARE COMING fast and furious. Go to the Pipeline Safety Coalition: http://www.pscoalition.org/

10 tips to know if a pipeline company comes knocking at the your door: http://www.farmanddairy.com/news/10-tips-know-pipeline-company-comes-knocking-door/222895.html





  • Easement payments are considered taxable by the IRS
  • Easement payments are often surrendered to your mortgage company to satisfy their lien
  • Granting an easement may affect your existing mortgage or the ability to refinance your mortgage
  • Granting an easement may affect your insurance policy availability and rates
  • Once an easement is established on your land, it is easy for the pipeline company to expand the size of existing pipelines and/or add new pipelines
  • Granting an easement may affect your property value, the ability to develop your property, and the marketability of your property. The value of the portion of your property where the pipeline easement is located decreases by 50%.
  • You continue to pay all taxes and insurance on the easement





More pipelines, more midstream facilities, more risks and hazards.


Luzerne County Pipelines
Existing and Proposed Pipelines for Luzerne County


Pipeline corporations pay NO FEES or TAXES to local communities.   Pipeline corporations are increasingly reorganizing as Master Liability Partnerships (MLP). Because MLPs are classified as partnerships, they avoid corporate income tax at both state and federal levels. Additionally, limited partners may also record a pro-rated share of the MLP's depreciation on their own tax forms to reduce liability. This is the primary benefit of MLPs and gives MLPs relatively cheap funding.

The proposed pipelines are TRANSMISSION LINES; this means there are NO new service hook-ups for homes and businesses in Luzerne County.   In fact the natural gas is headed for EXPORT facilities according to the Williams Partners 2014 1st quarter report, CEO Alan Armstrong:

"We're excited about the accelerating pace of expansion projects at Transco, including Atlantic Sunrise, Dalton Lateral and our newly announced Gulf Trace project. The Atlantic Sunrise and Gulf Trace projects will serve as important infrastructure for future LNG export facilities at Cove Point and Sabine Pass."

Word has reached us of people receiving offers from PennEast or their affiliates for right-of-way permissions.

Before you Sign:

  • Educate yourself on what it will mean to have a pipeline on your property.  How will it impact your lifestyle? How will it affect your health? What are the risks and hazards?   Is there an emergency plan? Who is responsible for property taxes and property insurance?  What are your rights in the event of an accident?  Who is liable in the event of an accident?    How will this impact your and your neighbors' property values?
  • Consult with an Attorney who is knowledgeable about fossil fuel contracts, including rights-of-way/easements for pipelines.
  • Check with your mortgage holder for any conditions which may conflict with your mortgage.  Some mortgage agreements may not allow this type of industrial development.
  • Check with your Property Insurance company for any additional policy coverage you may need.  Most common policies do not cover pollution or contamination from industrial operations and you may need a separate policy for the pipeline if available.
  • Check with a Licensed Realtor and find out how having a pipeline on your property may impact the value.

For updates on pipelines in Luzerne County about meetings, hearings and action you may take visit Gas Drilling Awareness Coalition of Luzerne County at http://www.gdacoalition.org/

Contact us: Gas Drilling Awareness Coalition
PO Box 275 Dallas, PA 18612
Phone: 570-674-7788

STOP PennEast Pipeline is also working with Concerned Citizens Against the Pipeline from many communities. One project in particular will need your help in collecting information in order to prepare a submission to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). We need to provide information about the impact of the proposed pipeline on our region and on individual lands impacted by the project and would like to reach out to property owners along the route of the proposed PennEast Pipeline. We ask you to take the attached survey IF your property is impacted by the proposed pipeline.  (We are also interested in your information if your property "abuts" or is adjacent to the 400 feet pipeline "study route" which surrounds the pipeline itself. Please note that fact in your response.)   

Take the survey NOW! Click on this link: Luzerne County

Natural Gas Pipelines: What's Here and What's Coming

Luzerne County is poised to become a central location for Natural Gas Pipelines. 

  • The 60+year old Williams  Company Transco Natural Gas transmission line has seen expansion via gathering lines intersecting it in Dallas, Pennsylvania a short distance from the Dallas School campus.
  • Williams Company is seeking to run a 2nd pipeline through Luzerne County called the Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline (ASP).
  • A 3rd pipeline by PennEast Pipeline Company is in the initial proposal stage for Luzerne County.

Bit of History

In 2011, two natural gas corporations proposed metering stations, compressor station and a glycol dehydration plant to be located near the school campus.  After residents became aware of the proposed projects and actively objected to it, the major industrial expansion of the Transco and related facilities were scaled back.  

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