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This image is of Kaia Elinich making her statement at the FERC Scoping Meeting in Bethlehem on February 10, 2015. Note a distressed Alisa Harris, PennEast spokesperson, behind Kaia and to her right. The image shows just one line of her statement. Read it in total below. 

My name is Kaia Elinich and I am a resident of Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The Penn East pipeline is proposed to cut through watersheds and be buried in the earth only a couple of miles away from my home. It would cross the highway whether I go towards Hellertown or head out towards the Delaware River.

PennEast Corporation is clearly planning on growing pipeline infrastructure bigger and bigger until it's in our backyards. Think about the water supply that will be negatively affected by the construction of the Penn East Pipeline. Cooks Creek, which runs through my backyard, is an Exceptional Value Watershed that must be protected.

We have a pipeline on the property I live on. One day the pipeline company came and told us they had to cut down a good section of the beautiful trees that grew there for 30 years or more. Apparently the company had forgotten to check up on the pipeline to make sure there were no trees or buildings on top of it. If a pipeline goes through your land, it will never be the same again. Think about the forests, the streams, and farms that would be affected in a negative way. Think about all the animals and people that live in these places and how this pipeline is going to affect them. Put yourself in the shoes of the people whose property PennEast plans to take by eminent domain.

I cannot understand why Penn East thinks that making money from natural gas is more important than our lives. When is Penn East going to recognize all of the negative impacts of their pipeline? I am sure Penn East thinks gas pipelines are good because they make them money...but they are a limited liability corporation for a reason. What happens when we run out of natural gas?

How would you like to have to get your water from a truck every day because your drinking well had been poisoned by a fracking operation nearby. We could be using solar panels and other types of renewable energy instead of burying dangerous gas pipelines in the ground. Please think about how all of this is going to affect my generation. We have a right to a voice because when you leave us with a poisoned environment We are going to be the ones cleaning up the mess. We must change our country’s energy policies or my generation is going to pay the price of an immeasurable impact for decades to come.

Kaia Elinich
Bucks County, PA

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