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The proposed route of the 108 mile, 36-inch pipeline will cut through seven Northampton County Townships including, Moore, Upper Nazareth, Lower Nazareth, East Allen, Bethlehem, East Allen, Williams and Lower Saucon. This route will deliver up to 1 Billion cubic feet, (Bcf), of natural gas, carrying with it risks of catastrophic explosions and spills through northeastern Pa en route to its termination at Transco's Trenton Woodbury interconnection.

Williams Township Route

The pipeline is proposed to enter Williams Township from Lower Saucon Township through pristine woodlands along Buttermilk Road. It will then across Gaffney Hill Road, continuing through mature woodlands on Hexenkopf Road, crossing the Columbia pipeline to Raubsville Road. It crosses Raubsville south of Durham Road. East of Raubsville Road, the pipeline will dig through at least 4 miles of farmland. Before it crosses over into Durham. It crosses Fry’s Run – a High Quality Cold Water Fishery and Migratory Fishery -- and two of its tributaries. It bisects known areas of occupation by Native Peoples, as well as mature heavily-wooded forests and farms preserved from development with tax-payer dollars. Its descent of steep slopes at 30% grade will contribute to erosion and run-off to properties at lower elevation. The right-of-way transits or abuts existing and proposed residences thereby significantly reducing land values.

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